Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day One Fun

It's 8:30 pm, and I survived day one of the Whole30 Challenge.  Actually, it wasn't that bad since I've been trying to eat well and successfully lost 20 pounds over the summer.  However, I'm coming off a vacation week with the family (imagine banana pudding, key lime pie, tomato sandwiches, pizza, pasta, ice cream cake, ice cream cake, yummy, yummy ice cream cake). I'm also in the middle of a pity party about losing Craig and am trying not to comfort myself with all the foods I would want to comfort myself with. 

Before vacation I had been doing ok on the healthy eating front at home for a few days at a stretch.  However, I have been having one day or two days where I do something stupid, like eating a burger and fries.  Now I have to go a Whole30 with no stupid.  Period.

I had a small meltdown in the afternoon. I was tired and sad about Craig and felt hungry.  I sucked it up, though, and stayed on plan.  I skillet fried chicken breasts (a bunch of them) and steamed a whole big bag of broccoli.  That's dinner for a couple of nights. 

Only 29 days to go.  By the way...I was reading the ingredients on my dried garlic this morning and was a bit discouraged that it isn't Whole30 compliant because it has some soybean oil in it, and I started feeling like NOTHING was compliant.  Oh, the pre-crushed fresh garlic...not compliant either because it has whey.  NO WHEY! So, I determined that I need a grocery store visit for herbs and spices and garlic so my taste buds don't shrivel up and die.

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